Company History

It is not well known, but Stavanger, Norway, is the home of one of the world’s most successful software products – – Vantage, as it is commonly known among the Fortune 500 companies and many others. It is the premier storage administration and automation tool for worldwide enterprises. It was created, developed, supported and maintained over the first 25 years by largely the very same small group of programmers. Their ideas on design, programming and testing methodologies were put into practice and resulted in a unique infrastructure that was lean, agile and very robust, long before others began to wrestle with what those words meant. As a result, customers loved the functionality, performance, enhancements and ease-of-use, because it did what they wanted and needed to have done, for their businesses. 

But in 2014, for reasons only they could rationalize, corporate bosses decided to kill the goose that laid the golden egg – – and they abruptly shut down the Stavanger office. And thus our new company, Stavantage AS, was born. As a long time team member, I founded the new company, but was joined by others of the team as well. The name Stavantage is constructed from “Stavanger” and “Vantage” in order to maintain the advantage those two words came to signify around the world.

Today, our original team members share their knowledge and experience with the new team members, who infuse us all with their creative ideas and abilities in the latest technologies. We continue to strive for the same things – – to deliver real-world practical products and services that truly serve your businesses. If our offerings match any of your needs, please contact us. 

Bjart Berge –  President & CEO Stavantage AS 

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