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Bjart Berge 

Mail: bjart.berge@stavantage.com

Phone: 959 84 189
Bjart is the founder and manager of Stavantage, but he also spends much of his time as a software architect, designer and developer. He received his education from the University of Bergen and Stavanger Ingeniørhøgskole, with extensive studies in mathematics, statistics, information technology, psychology, philosophy, political economy and social anthropology. He is also an accomplished musician. In other words, you can talk with Bjart about most anything! Prior to starting Stavantage, Bjart worked for several of the worlds largest consulting and development firms. Most recently, he was a lead developer for Vantage, one of the highest rated software products worldwide. It continues to be used every day by many of the largest enterprises around the world. When not at work, you’ll probably find him spending time with his youngest daughter, cooking for an evening with a group of friends, enjoying life at his cabins, or traveling to different parts of the world.

Inge Ramberg

Mail: inge.ramberg@stavantage.com

Phone: 959 84 187
Inge is an original member of Stavantage, and spends his time as a software architect, designer, developer and project leader. Educated at the University of Oslo, he studied primarily math and physics, and obtained a masters degree in statistics. Developments in the world of science and technology continue to hold a big interest, and on occasion good science fiction can pull him in as well. Although born and raised in Lofoten in northern Norway, his career years have been spent in the Stavanger area, working in IT for some of the world’s largest companies. In fact, he was an architect, developer and original member of the team that created and supported Vantage, that highly rated product known and used around the world to this day. To help keep himself trim and fit, Inge has bicycled to and from work (about 25 km) nearly every day for many years. He and his wife, after raising 3 boys, also took up swing dancing a few years ago, influenced perhaps by their oldest son, who was helping teach the courses. Keep your eyes open, you might see him on a dance floor in your area.

Andrè Nordstrand

André, one of the newer members of Stavantage, loves pursuing new ideas and technologies, and is enjoying all the possibilities which app and web development provide. Most of his present work is in app development for various products. Originally from Kristiansand, André attended the University of Agder and holds a bachelor’s degree in IT development. Before joining Stavantage, his other jobs provided a wide range of valuable experiences such as web and programming support for an online auction house, which included work in online bidding, monetary conversions, warehouse logistics and shipping. He’s also learned about the customer perspective by doing phone support in the early days, and worked to ensure that oil platform activities were following the appropriate standards by developing Safe Job Analysis and Work Permit Management systems. André also has a real passion for modern board games. When not at work, you’d most likely find him playing in a local club, producing his own video review of another board game to add to the many review videos already on his website, or maybe even reporting from the largest gaming convention in the world, held in Essen, Germany, each year. Another interest is photography, which contributes to his video skills for the board game reviews. For fresh air and fun, you might find him snow boarding, or geocaching – the world-wide treasure hunting game of finding the hidden geocache (container) using GPS coordinates to guide your search. Having his young son join him on some of these adventures is another big plus.


Atle Mæland

Atle is another original member of the team that developed and supported Vantage, the world renowned storage management product for enterprises. He was key to the concept and design of the “object-action” model of programming that led to the infrastructure and graphical user interface to support it. He also specialized in highly generalized automation – – developing services and messages that allowed the end-users to easily generate scripts or methods to automate their repetitive manual tasks. Atle received his formal training in computer science from Rogaland Distriktshøyskole, and today is a Principal Consultant at Stavantage for their mainframe contracting services. When he’s not at work, you’d likely find him out traveling with his family, or enjoying some time on the squash or tennis courts.


Kelton Kinnick

Kelt was a software development manager in Los Angeles, when he was invited to Stavanger to join that same team which created and supported Vantage, the highly successful storage management product sold around the world. Although his primary job through the years has been in software development, he is one of the rarer ones who actually enjoys documenting programs and the resulting products. So that has been a sizable part of his work as well (since few other techies like that aspect). He continues the technical writing and editing assistance for Stavantage. Kelt’s educational background is in math and physics, having obtained his bachelor’s degree in those subjects from Iowa State University (U.S.A.). After university, he joined the Peace Corps as a math and science teacher in Malaysia, where he learned how much he likes teaching. Other lifelong passions have been music and dance. More recently he enjoys hiking the many trails in the Stavanger area. But having grown up in flat farming country in the U.S., where everything is on a grid, he admits to being lost most of the time when hiking the lovely Norwegian terrain.
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